Michiko Saiki is a pianist and performance artist. eee4a08ccb91ac275f236db2e7c7a0e7

Born in Japan, Michiko has devoted her life to a wide range of music such as classical, jazz, pop and avant-garde music. Her upbringing in Japan, interests in contemporary music/art, and her experience in performance art make her an unique interpreter of music. With her unique interpretation, Michiko regularly collaborates with emerging and established composers.

Michiko frequently appears in various concert venues as a soloist and collaborative pianist. She performed a solo piano recital on the Horowitz Steinway Concert Grand at Northeastern State University in April 2013, which was sponsored by SAiED Music Company. She also performed free improvisation with a renowned jazz clarinetist, Perry Robinson, in May 2013.

Michiko is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in contemporary music with specialization in piano performance at Bowling Green State University in the studio of Dr. Laura Melton.

Michiko earned a Bachelor of Arts, piano performance at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah Oklahoma. During this period, she won several competitions such as the Oklahoma Music Teachers’ Association Piano Competition (junior/senior division) (2009), and the NSU Concerto Competition (2010).  Michiko was also a finalist at the Delta Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition (2010).

Michiko has studied with Dr. Laura Melton, Dr. Ronald Chioldi, Dr. Timothy Ehlen, and Ms. Alice Rybak.

Copyright Michiko Saiki 2014


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