Concert Program|Repertoire


-The Vocalizing Pianist: Die Stimme der Frauen- (The voices of women)
Piano, Voice, & Video – Michiko Saiki
Staging/Acting Direction – Hiroko Iwai

Junyu Guo Lied Deines Schattens
Rafaele Maria Andrade Pills
Beste Özçelebi …for them… for solo vocalizing pianist, fixed electronics and video
Fojan Gharibnejad “X” for vocalizing pianist and multimedia
(All commissioned works for this project)




Roberto Victorio Tetragrammaton IX (piano & multi-percussion)
Arthur Kampela Nosturnos
Eric Wubbels psychomechanochronometer
Franco Donatoni cloches II (two pianos)



-The Vocalizing Pianist-

Brian Ferneyhough Opus Contra Naturam”I. Untitled, III. Kataplexy
Max Erwin Performance II *
Amy Beth Kirsten (speak to me)
Stuart Saunders Smith Lazarus *
Jeff Weston ruler piece no.2 *
Christopher DietzUntil the end, my dear

* commissioned




Jonathan Harvey Tombeau de Messiaen
Salvatore Sciarrino Perduto una citta d’acque
Rebecca Saunders “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstuck IX
Luigi Nono …sofferte onde serene….



Bela Bartók Piano Concerto No.3
Claude Baker Ommagie e Fantasie (tuba and piano)
John Cage
   Suite for Toy Piano
Elliott Carter
George Crumb Ancient Voices of Children (chamber ensemble)
Henri Dutilleux Sonata
Franco Donatoni cloches II (for two pianos)
Morton Feldman Durations III (viola, tuba, piano)
Michael Finnissy Sonata for clarinet and piano
Judd Greenstein A Moment of Clarity (flute and piano)
Marisol Jiménez Islas Migrantes for piano and electronics
Gyögy Kurtág Játékok Vol. VIII
   …tot zien Jan…
   Hommage á J.S.B.
Helmut Lachenmann Guero
David Lang Wed
George Lewis Anthem (chamber orchestra)
Gyorgy Ligeti Etudes
   II. Cordes à vide
IV. Fanfares
Olivier Messiaen
   Vingt regards sur l’Enfant Jesus
      I. Regard du Père
IV. Regard de la Vierge
Première communion de la Vierge
La Merle Noir
(flute & piano)
Beste Özçelebi
For Them…*
Torsten Pfeffer Häutung (four pianists two pianos)
Phillip Roberts
Chamber Piece No.1
   Madeline Usher (chamber opera)
James Romig
A Line Begins to Blur (piano and vibraphone)
Elise Roy coalescing (Flutescape III) (flute and piano)*
Frederic Rzewski De Profundis
Tobias Schick Schattenmusik (violin, accordion, piano)
Zachary Seely
   Pre-composition II*
Hyewon Son Über Fließendes für 9 Spieler (chamber ensemble)
Stuart Saunders Smith
Still Slowly for xylophone and piano
Hannah Skrownek Words from Three of Us*
Toru Takemitsu Rain Tree Sketch I & II
Daniel J. Thompson
   From a Bird Song (trumpet, trombone, piano)*
   Four Preludes for an Infant’s Ears
Roberto Victorio Tetragrammaton IV (for piano and multi-percussion)
Ashley Wang Triadic Light (piano and multi-percussion)
Mark Witmar Aerials
Eric Wubbels
this is this is this is
 (a. sax and piano)
Charles Wuorinen Fifty-Fifty (for two pianos)
Isang Yun Garak (for flute and piano)